Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures

Dick Cavett 22

Dick Cavett Revisited

When watching reruns of The Dick Cavett Show, you can literally hear New York City slip further into its decades’ long decline.

Georgia Runoff 10

Vampire Beats Werewolf

Those of us here in Georgia were forced to endure and additional 30 days of one of the ugliest, most depressing elections in our history.

policy 32

Reluctance as Policy

The Biden administration has a fatally flawed understanding of our position vis a vis our geopolitical adversaries; their consequent reluctance to capitalize on weakness betrays American interests.

Starship captains 6

Throughput Video: Andrew and Mike Talk SciFi Captains

In today’s episode, I call in some help in ranking starship captains, generals and other sci-fi leaders. What makes a great leader? What makes a poor one? What are the most compelling portrayals in sci-fi?

John Berryman 2

POETS Day! John Berryman

This week’s poem is “The Minnesota 8 and the Letter-Writers.” I wouldn’t claim that it’s John Berryman at his best, even of the portion of his works I’ve read, poems.