Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures

walt whitman 0

POETS Day!: Walt Whitman and Baseball

Here’s something that Walt Whitman definitely wrote, but note, when he’s not singing to his electric body he’s a bit…You’ll see.

The Black Hole 7

Video Throughput: The Black Hole

oday, I celebrate the unveiling of the Milky Way’s black hole by reviewing the film that Neil DeGrasse Tyson once described as the most scientifically inaccurate movie of all time.

CEO 15

A CEO Named Mister

But is unconscious bias actually disrespectful?  Is it, in the words of the female — Not Mr.— CEO, indicative of gender bias?


A Man Grown

When a feller needs to get out into the world.


The Dictation

Movie of a busy business man dictating a letter to his sternog.

ordered liberty 37

Capacious, Ordered Liberty

The phrase “ordered liberty” reminds me the reasons the Framers abandoned the Articles of Confederation and created the Federal Constitution


Sick Days

Ain’t it a grand and glorious feeling?